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Do You Need:


Beta Reading


I can be your writing ally.


You have chosen your words with care and crafted them lovingly into stories. Now you need someone to help you make those words sparkle and shine.

A proofreader's red pen


You have lavished so much time on your work that you cannot see the little missing words, spelling mistakes or rampaging commas anymore. Proofreading is the final check before your work is published. I check grammar, spelling, syntax and style consistency.

A open book with a leaf bookmark

Beta Reading

I help you understand what your reader is thinking so you can consider your work from another perspective. I will read your text and offer thorough and respectful feedback on character, plot, pacing, world-building and more.


About Me

My name is Annette, and I may have a reading problem.

I grew up in a house full of books, so you would think my parents would be prepared. But by the time I was a teenager, they were wondering if they should have insisted that I got outside more - without a book.


I took my degree in Literature, and my flatmates thought it was weird for anyone to spend all day studying Jane Austen novels and all evening reading fantasy books.


Now I’m turning my love of books into my career – helping authors make their writing the best it can be.


I chose to utilize unpaid and paid beta readers for the first draft of my novel, Luken. Annette was the one beta reader I chose to hire, and she delivered above and beyond what the free beta readers provided. Her extensive comments throughout my manuscript, as well as her detailed responses to my long list of questions, were so helpful. All the follow up questions I had, even after paying her, she responded to promptly and with the same level of detail and thought as I’d received in the first round. Her criticisms are kind and constructive, and her observations and reactions to the story are fun to read. She was kind and easy to work with too, exactly what I was seeking in a beta reader and well worth the cost. I would recommend her to anyone who wants reliable feedback and to work with someone who is an absolute pleasure!

Lou Turner

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