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My Services

You have chosen your words with care and crafted them lovingly into stories. Now you need someone to help you make those words sparkle and shine. I know you have dedicated time and love to your writing, and I will treat it with kindness and respect.


I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and abide by their Code of Practice.


You can read my Terms and Conditions here.


A book with a leaf as a bookmark

Beta Reading

£1 per 1,000 words

I help you understand what your reader is thinking so you can consider your work from another perspective. I will read your text and offer thorough and respectful feedback on character, plot, pacing, world-building and more.


I am an obsessive reader, though my dedication never seems to keep my TBR pile in check. I'm most familiar with fantasy, science fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction and literary fiction. I am not fond of horror or modern romance, so I would not be a good fit for your work if it is in those genres.


You will probably find it helpful to see what I am thinking as I read so I prefer providing in-document comments in Word, Google Docs or PDF, but I will beta read in most formats. I then write a thorough report which can be supplied as a Word document or a PDF.


I will never share your work in any form, and I delete it from my computer system three months after I have completed the beta read (unless you ask me to keep it for longer). I retain the work for this short time in case you have any follow-up questions for me.

A proofreader's red pen


£10 - £13 per 1,000 words

You have lavished so much time on your work that you cannot see the little missing words, spelling mistakes or rampaging commas anymore. Proofreading is the final check before your work is published. I check grammar, spelling, syntax and style consistency.


In proofreading the focus is on correcting errors. I avoid making substantial changes as this can introduce new errors and inconsistencies.


I can work in Word with Track Changes, in Google Docs or on PDFs. I create a style sheet or update a pre-existing one, and this is provided to you as part of the service (which can be particularly useful if you are working on a book series).


I ask for a sample of 1,000 words (or 10% of a short story less than 10,000 words) from the latter half of the text. I then provide a free sample proofread and a quote so you can decide if I am a good fit for your work.


If you have self-edited your work, it may require a little more intervention in the form of a proof-edit. This will be mentioned in the supplied quote.

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