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My name is Annette,
and I may have a reading problem.

Annette portrait - middle aged woman in glasses

I grew up in a house full of books, so you would think my parents would be prepared. By the time I was a teenager, they were wondering if they should have insisted that I got outside more - without a book.


I started my TBR pile early.


I took my degree in Literature, and my flatmates thought it was weird for anyone to spend all day studying Jane Austen novels and all evening reading fantasy books.


I accidentally spent 25 years as a pharmaceutical dispenser, which is how I developed an obsession with detail (and my superpower – the ability to read doctors’ handwriting). Every evening I would snatch an hour or two to wander into a book. Despite my best efforts, my TBR pile was now a dangerous presence that extended into the digital realm thanks to ebooks.


I live in the East of England with my book-deficient partner (and free IT consultant), an orchid that I’ve managed not to kill yet and a TBR pile that may well be sentient at this stage.


Now I’m taking the chance to do what I always wanted – helping writers make their work the best that it can be.


I am an Entry-Level member of the CIEP, and I have completed a Proofreading and Copy Editing course with the College of Media and Publishing which I am proud to say I passed with a distinction.


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